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A pregnant silence over surrogates’ rights

Surrogate mothers receive only around 6% of total amount paid by commissioning parents for a surrogate baby

By Shadma Shaikh

BANGALORE (Feb. 12)—Radha (name changed), 29, is second-time pregnant for a child that is not her own. In the sixth month of her pregnancy, she lives in Mumbai, away from her family as they are unaware that she is a surrogate, because of the social stigma attached to surrogacy in India

Ironically, India also happens to be the surrogacy capital of the world, generating around Rs.24.8 billion revenue each year with the help of surrogates like Radha.

Commercial surrogacy in India has attracted a lot of customers in the recent years. According to the Surrogate Motherhood Report submitted by Center for Social Research, India has been dubbed the “surrogacy capital of the world” offering more than 200,000 clinics across the country for artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy.


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