A bulldozer is enough to dismantle lives in Bengaluru|| City lacks injury recovery centers, say athletes|| Life saving drugs to become costlier, patients worried|| The new transgender rights bill receives lukewarm response|| Reconstruction of Bangalore Football Stadium stuck in limbo || State school curriculum to have human rights as a subject|| Indian Women’s Hockey Coach: Three years’ work has brought us here Automated food machine is not a substitute for dine-in

A bulldozer is enough to dismantle lives in Bengaluru

A bulldozer pulled up near Gulbarga colony in the early morning of September 9, 2015. Residents say they weren’t given time to gather their clothes or bedsheets or their children’s school books.

The new transgender rights bill receives lukewarm response

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment’s proposal to declare transgender as backward caste released in January 2016 has received mixed response from the transgender community in Bengaluru.


Reconstruction of Bangalore Football Stadium stuck in limbo

Further delays in the reconstruction of Bangalore Football Stadium (BFS) have resulted in failure to relocate the regional academy for boys from Goa to Bengaluru.



State school curriculum to have human rights as a subject

Human rights will become a part of social studies curriculum at Karnataka schools in the new academic year, in what educators say is a move to make all children aware of basic human rights like education and free speech.


Indian Women’s Hockey Coach: Three years’ work has brought us here

The SoftCopy interviewed Indian Women’s Hockey team coach, Niel Hawgood. He is a former Australian player who represented his nation at the 1988 summer Olympics where he played in seven games, scoring five goals as the Australian team finished in fourth position.


Automated food machine is not a substitute for dine-in

Three new automated food machines recently installed in Bengaluru do not signal the end of traditional dine-in restaurants, say many restaurant managers across the city.
Atchayam’s Food Box is the first automated food machine launched in India that provides food to its customers in exactly 90 seconds with takeaway friendly packaging. 



Sericulturists in Bengaluru look for other professions

FTII Agitation

Myth of communal harmony in Bengaluru

City lacks injury recovery centers, say athletes

Despite several existing rehabilitation centers , the lack of dedicated sports injury treatment centers in Bengaluru is still a problem, say athletes and coaches.


Life saving drugs to become costlier, patients worried

With 74 life-saving drugs now subject to custom duties after a policy change last week, patients and medical professionals are at conflict over how the change will affect healthcare.


News in brief

Sunday’s leopard attack at Vibgyor High in Marathahalli was caused not by wild feline aggression, but by a crowd antagonizing a scared animal, veterinarians and biologists said Tuesday.
“The leopard was scared of hundreds of people over there, which was surrounding him and in the attempt of getting away from the situation one of our teammates got injured,” said the Dr Nirupama Jai Singh, a veterinarian at the Bannerghatta National Zoo rescue center.
The leopard is currently undergoing treatment at the rescue centre and is said to have got restless due to the noises of the crowd that surrounded it Sunday.
“The guidelines for human-leopard conflict management by the ministry of environment and forests state that there should be no gathering of crowd and media during such incidents,” said Vidya Athreya, a biologist with the World Conservation Society (WCS).
Athreya said that urbanisation is one of the reasons for this kind of animal migration, as the city expands there is a territorial war between the animals and humans which eventually make the animal react aggressively: “Most of the time, these animals migrate from one place to another in search of food and water. These animals can sit silently near to human without bothering them. So, one should never chase them and should give them time to respond or to leave that area,”
She added that media coverage of the incident was not good because it implied the leopard attacked common people, but actually it was frightened by the media and people gathered around it.

Last Week

More than 40 percent of government elementary schools in Karnataka do not have playgrounds, denying children there opportunities for play that could benefit their health, educators say.


Many private bus companies report up to a 50 percent drop in passenger traffic during the first part of this week,the result of a five-day ban on private buses in the city during the Global International Investors conference.

A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed last week by congress leader and activist Tahseen Poonawalla against the new Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 has received a mixed response from the citizens of Bengaluru.


Karnataka is seeing a decrease in the number of students choosing Kannada medium schools over English medium schools, according to a report by the public instruction department, Karnataka.


A Tanzanian student was allegedly assaulted and partially stripped by a mob on Hesaraghatta Road in Bengaluru Saturday night, in what some say is response to a Sudanese national running over and killing a 35-year-old woman several minutes previous to the attack. 



The State Election Commission on Thursday, confirmed the names of the candidates  elected for the zilla panchayat and taluk panchayat elections. The elections are to be held on February 13for Doddabele and K Golahalli.



Jagat Nanjappa, a rallying and racing champion, from Coorg recently won free entry for the India rainforest challenge offroading race, to be held in Goa this July. The love for racing started long back when he saw a rally happening in Coorg, said Jagat Nanjappa, and went on pursue it as a career for over ten years.





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