Traffic SI Collects Over Rs.1 Lakh in One Day

By Anirudh Chakravarthy


Sub Inspector Ravish receiving a Bouquet from Inspector Yogesh in Front of the staff

Bangalore, Sept 5, 2017: A traffic sub-inspector has collected fines worth over Rs. 1 lakh in one day in August, the highest in the city since March this year.
On August 19, sub-inspector H.Ravish, from the traffic police sub-division in Indirangar collected fines of Rs. 1, 05,000. It’s the largest collection in Indiranagar this year.

“We worked from around six thirty in the morning to seven thirty in the night, and, Sub-inspector Ravish collected the sum,” Police Inspector Yogesh said.
Working for thirteen hours, sub-inspector Ravish booked 493 cases and caught 133 vehicles; 124 among them are for not wearing helmet, 44 among them for reckless/dangerous driving, and 26 for breaking the signal.

“We are contemplating a reward for the officer’s sincere efforts,” Yogesh said.

Ravish, however, says that he is trying to do his best to reduce offences. He said, “Many people without licenses like 15 or 16 year olds drive vehicles and by catching them like this, I hope the word spreads that we are keeping a keen eye on them.”

The overall collection of the Indiranagar traffic police that day was Rs. 2, 05,900.

Praveen Iyengar, a Resident Welfare Association member of Indiranagar, said that the traffic police were doing a tremendous job. “Inspector Yogesh is new and has been the most proactive officer I know,” he said.

Herman Singh Sidhu, the president of ArriveSAFE, an NGO working on road safety, said, "It's a commendable effort by the officers. Enforcement like this will reduce offences."

Anil, a resident of Bayapanahalli who drives through Indiranagar everyday to his office, criticized the traffic police. “I have been fined twice. I don’t think fining people is going to work though. First of all, the authorities themselves are corrupt,” he said.

“People are in a hurry to go to work and since the traffic is heavy they go beyond the speed limit. Why are they registering so many vehicles in the first place?” questioned Satish, one of the residents whose bike got towed away.

Inspector Yogesh said that the reason for the upsurge in traffic offences to be the increase in the number of vehicles being registered.

The president of ArriveSAFE, Mr.Singh, said, "It's true that there are too many vehicles being registered. There isn't enough space. To reduce offences, use of public transport must be encouraged- metro and bus transport must be promoted."

Yogesh is all praise for Ravish. He explained how Ravish used to constantly take leave due to health problems. “I kept encouraging him though he was frequently absent; after a while, he recovered and performed well,” he said.



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