New immersion location for Sankey Tank from next year

By Shankar Narayan

The walls in the new pond in the tank

Bangalore, Sept 5, 2017: Starting 2018, there will be a new spot in Malleswaram's Sankey Tank for the immersion of Ganesh idols during the festival of Ganesh Chathurti. This is expected to prevent the area around the tank from becoming messy.

A step pond constructed at the end of the tank will replace the existing one, located at the entrance of the Sadashivanagar gate, where piles of mud are left behind after the 'Visarjan'(idol immersion ) almost every year.

The new pond has eight foot high walls around it. This will ensure that the litter is limited to it and not spread all over the area.

The project took birth in 2013 and was supposed to be completed by June 2017. The chief supervisor of the step pond, Mr. Gopal, said that the work had been delayed due to the monsoon in the city, which also ruined a few cement bags.

He added that it will be completed by the end of September this year and immersions will happen in the new facility from next year.

Ms. Sapna N.K, Assistant Engineer of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike(BBMP),confirmed that the step pond would be complete in the next month and a half.

Dr. T.V. Ramachandra, coordinator of the Energy and Wetlands Research Group at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and someone who has been researching on lakes in the city for the last 20 years, said that during the immersions, the paint from the idols should not come in contact with the water since it contains heavy metals, which would pollute the water and surrounding borewells.

He added that leached water should not be allowed to enter the lake.

Harish, a retired manufacturing sector employee, who spends a lot of time in the lake, sounded happy with the development. He said that he found it difficult to walk on that side of the lake where the mud from the idols overflowed into the pathway.

Another resident, Vinay, a software engineer, also expressed happiness with the development. He said that constructing the pond away from the main tank would help reduce pollution.

Karthik, an architect, however, felt that once the step pond was opened, the BBMP must look at making it easy for the public to access it for the immersions next year.


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