BBMP pothole app still restricted to official

By: Swarnali Chakraborty

Bangalore, Oct 6, 2017: Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) pothole fixer app remains restricted to department officials while the new app created by Janaagraha in collaboration with BBMP does not allow citizens to connect with BBMP officials and report potholes in the city.

Shashi Prasad, Software Engineer at BBMP, said the BBMP was working on the same application that is ‘BBMP Pothole Reporter’ and making changes to it to make it available to everyone. Currently the application is “under maintenance”.

Somnath Chatterjee, a user of BBMP pothole fixer app complained that after reading newspaper articles, he believed that the BBMP pothole app available on Play Store was accessible to all, but he was disappointed when the app asked for a login id and password.

Users of the new app, “Pothole Fixer” which was developed by Janaagraha in collaboration with the BBMP , Shekhar HN and Ciral Ramakrishna said the app was “useless” as they could not send the pictures of the potholes to any officials and remained unseen in the app.

Anuradha Pati, Content Manager at I change my city, has said that the complaints being posted by users on Google play store are being reviewed by their team at Janaagraha, a sister concern of I change my city and they would soon make sure that the complaints are resolved.

Surabhi Agrawal is co-founder of Wobble, a similar app which warns users about potholes in the routes they’re travelling in. She says she built this app after one of her friends died in an accident caused due to a pothole, in 2016. She also said that she wanted the BBMP’s help to build her own pothole app but they received no cooperation from the BBMP.

Talking about the ‘BBMP Pothole Reporter’ app, she said, the problems posted in these apps hardly get noticed. She herself had tried posting complaints in I clean my city, but the complaints remained unresolved. She feels that it is only the government that can do something because they have all the resources. “We can only warn the people about potholes, but only the government can fix them”, said the co- founder of Wobble.

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