Kumbalgodu has seen a decrease in crime in the last one year  

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Statistics showing decrease in all crimes
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Mr Manjunath, senior memeber-Kumbalgodu panchayat
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Kumbalgodu Police station
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Mr Shivakirthi, senior head constable


Bangalore, 10th October- Crime rate has declined in Kumbalgodu in the last two years from 101 cases to 26 cases.

Kumbalgodu police say that this was made possible due to continuous patrolling and tight security. “The police are always on rounds every hour,” said senior Constable, Mr. Shivakirthi. “Whenever we give house to anyone, we check their Aadhar cards, voter Ids, Pan Cards and then give them the permission to stay here,” said Mr. Manjunath, a senior member of the Kumbalgodu panchayat. Whenever we see any unknown person standing for too long at a place, we immediately ask them, who you are and what are you waiting here for”.

“We patrol from sometime around the night to 5 AM because we want to make this village free of any crime,” said the station house officer. “We villagers altogether are taking important measures and we are also planning to get CCTV on roads of Kumbalgodu and the police must install it soon,” said Mr. Manjunath.
“I am staying here for about four years and I must say that kumbalgodu has become really safe recently,” said Mr. Shivaraju, a native of kumbalgodu. 


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