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Roads in Mamulpet
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Conditions of road in Chickpet
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Waste garbage on the roads of Gundopanth, Chickpet
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Silt and waste accumulated outside the shops in Chickpet
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A vendor covering his face with mask due to the garbage dump beside him


Lanes in Chickpet filled with silt all the time, during monsoon

Bangalore, October 6, 2017: The shopkeepers in the Chickpet lanes suffer as the market witnesses accumulation of silt in the monsoon in addition to the bad roads.
There are more than a thousand shops in all the lanes. Silt and garbage is accumulated in front of the shops, due to the bad drainage system. The low-lying roads also contribute to this problem. The drains have not been cleaned in the past few years shopkeepers say.

The shopkeepers in Sultanpete, Mamulpet, Tharagpet, Patnoolpet, Gundopanth and Cottonpet say they are tired of complaining about the dirty roads and bad drainage system to the BBMP and the MLA in the area.
“A few months ago, all the shopkeepers from the lane had gone to the BBMP office to complain about the road. BBMP official in Chamrajpet told us to contribute Rs 5-6 lakhs for the construction of the road, as they have no money to construct it,” says Babulal Mali, owner of Home Krishna Plastic in Gundopanth at Chickpet.
Due to the sludge on the roads, coolies’ and consumers find it difficult to walk or carry goods. “The road stinks all the time because of the overflowing gutter here. BBMP workers avoid the situation for over 20 days before cleaning the road,” added Babulal.
A month ago, ward engineer Sri Prabhu had promised to send 15-20 workers to clean the silt. “Only two workers came to collect the garbage and went back. The silt is still there even today,” said Prakash, owner of Pinky Fashions.
Jitender, owner of Maa Vaishno garments says all the shop keepers in the lane have filed complaints to the BBMP but no action has been taken yet. Now they are left with only one option and that is to go on a protest.
Shop owners in the area say they had even complained to the area MLA. “The area MLA did not listen to our problems and threatened us not to complain about the roads anymore or else they will damage our goods,” says Chaudhari, owner of Sri Gayatri stores in Gundopanth.
Sethurao lane is covered with fruit waste and garbage on roads. Adding to it is the big mound of garbage on the road. Since it stinks, the vendors have to cover their faces and sell their goods. “The dump is here since past three months and 50 per cent of our sales has reduced because of the stink and waste on the road,” said K Jaganathan, Fruit vendor.
“The trash is worsening the condition of the roads, with all the wet waste and water flowing on the road due to which customers do not prefer to come here,” says Badshah Fruit vendor.
“We have planned to construct the drainage system in the lanes and construct roads after the monsoon. The construction has not taken place since many years due to which the lanes are in bad condition,” says Sri Prabhu, BBMP engineer of Chickpet.
Abhinav M U, urban planner from Indian Institute for Human Settlements said “Firstly there should be proper a solid waste management system in the lanes to avoid waste on the road. The municipality must take care of shop-to-shop garbage collection which would avoid wet waste on the road.”

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