BBMP's Sahaaya App becomes an asahaaya for users

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Screenshot of the app on PlayStore along with it's ratings
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The occassional crashes that users complain of experiencing
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Lane left withour repair even after regular complaints lodged by the residents of Ward No. 109
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User's Screenshot showing how complaints have been assigned
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Garbage pile up that has been overlooked by the BBMP even after complaints in the app


Bangalore, October 10, 2017: Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s (BBMP) Sahaaya App, created to resolve civic issues is of little help. Citizens complain that the BBMP does nothing about the complaints, and sometimes, the app crashes.

“I had lodged three complaints in April, August and September using the app to bring to their notice the terrible conditions of roads in my area. The BBMP assigned my case to different people and once I contacted them, they dismissed my case on grounds that my ward does not come under the assigned person’s jurisdiction,” said Amit Patiyat, an app user. He says he is a resident of Ward No. 109 of Nagarthpet, but the app identifies his area as Chickpet.Since the app continuously fails to locate his ward correctly, the complaints have been closed without any solution.
Residents of Makalappa Lane have taken upon themselves the responsibility of fixing the damaged road after having received no response from the concerned authorities, he added.
The app, launched in 2015 in addition to the website, developed to resolve civic issues, has about 10,000 downloads on Google PlayStore.
Sahaaya lets its users lodge complaints on a number of issues, ranging from roads to stray animals and even “tree control.”
However, the app on Playstore has low ratings of a 2.8 on 5 and users’ feedback show how the app fails to do its promised job. The situation is no different for IOS devices.
Madhu V Swamy, Co-Founder of Cumulations, an app development company said that, the app is not optimised for Androids 6, 7 and 8 which explains the GPS location crash issue.
He added that the user experience is pretty simple and it’s easy for everyone to use the app; however, it needs to be optimised to avoid crashes.
BBMP Advisor IT, Sheshadri T said that in most of the cases, due to user’s network issues or cloud cover, GPS fails to work and that is when the app tends to crash. The BBMP has upgraded the app to its 2x capacity whenever there has been a load on the server.
“I do not think there are any major technological issues with the app, however, non-response of the BBMP is handled by the Operations team,” he added.
Another user, Bharat Daga, a resident of Koramangala said, “I had complained about potholes and defunct street lights. It has been 15 days since they have assigned the engineers. The assigned departments and officials have done nothing to resolve the issues till now.”The customer care number provided on the app is of no use either since it turns out to be busy most of the time, he added.
Shashi Prasad, Software Engineer, BBMP said that the smaller issues like garbage or waste get resolved quickly, other civic works like roads or construction take more time since it requires permission of higher officials.
He further added, Sahaaya has received a total of 77034 complaints from January to September of 2017 out of which 32347 have been assigned and pending. There are more than 7000 cases pending in the month of September alone.
“We are doing everything we can to resolve complaints,” he said.
The app, last updated on July 2017 is set to get an Android Nougat upgrade soon mentioned Shashi Prasad.

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