Want a beer in Gollahalli? Go to the nearest grocer

By Aniruddha Ghosh

One of the shops in Gollahalli where alcohol is sold illegally.

Bangalore, 31st August, 2017: General stores and residents in Gollahalli sell alcohol illegally and at a price higher than the minimum retail price(MRP).
Shops and individuals keep several types of liquor and sell them at higher prices. For instance, a Rs. Bagpiper Tetra that has an MRP of Rs. 51 is sold at Rs. 70 or even Rs. 90.  buyers said.
Chandan, a resident of a neighboring village, Gonipura, said “Many general stores in Gonipura and Gollahalli sell alcohol like that and they sell it at a high price.”
Shiva, a resident of Gollahalli said “They (dealers) keep the stock away from their homes or stores and only access them when someone pays.”
Kumar, a resident of neighboring Thagachaguppe who is a dealer, said “Everyone here will supply alcohol to you.”
Although there is a licensed bar, four kilometers from Gollahalli and a licensed alcohol shop near the village of Nalkhamba, Shiva says “The business provides extra income to the people and it’s convenient for people to buy it from here.”
Kumar also said “We don’t give it to newcomers.”
Munishikaya, Panchayat Development Officer, Gollahalli said “We are aware of alcohol being sold illegally but the issue is people complain without giving any names so it’s difficult for us to act on it or act at all.”
Vasudev S.N, Sub-Inspector of Excise said “We can book a case against the shop and individuals who sell products more than the MRP, but we need information on these people first.



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