Data for crime against women

Rape, Molestation the most common crimes in Bangalore

By Garima Dhawan

Bangalore, Sep 12, 2017:

Crimes against women in Bangalore city seem to have risen in the last two years. Since January 2017, 78 rape cases, 563 molestation cases and 43 cases of insulting the modesty of women have been reported in Bangalore police stations.

Bangalore has been called the third most unsafe city in India. “There have been two rape cases reported in the last three months” said Krishna Murty, head countable of Halasurugate Police station. Police statistics show that up to July 2017 684 cases have been reported in total.

Rachana G, an employee of a large information technology firm said, “While travelling in a bus I was molested by a man two years ago. The man was around 28 years old.  I caught him red-handed on bus and took him to the Majestic police station where he was arrested but police asked me not to file a complaint as I was a student and convinced me that it would become a tedious task and too much hassle. So I had to let it go.”

Dr. S.D.Sharanappa, IPS DCP South said “That there has been an app for women “SURAKSHA-Bangalore City Police” which is just a click away. Also with very modern systems if there is a call coming, it will be lifted by police immediately and can reach in 15 mins. We are creating awareness through safety, hand holding surakshyat. We are creating awareness in schools and college.”


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