Mosquitos are the primary carriers of dengue virus

New Strain of Dengue Virus Does Not Cause a Dip in Platelet Count


By Swarnali Chakraborty


Bangalore, 7th September: A different strain of dengue virus which does not lower the platelet count of the patient has been noted this year, says Dr. Preeti Shankar, a general physician at Apollo Clinic, Indiranagar.

Dr. Preeti who has treated about 60 to 80 dengue patients in the last two months says that this year the common symptoms are headache, body pain, high fever and rashes. A decrease in the platelet count which had been a major concern for worry among patients in the last two years has reduced comparatively.

Tanya Majumdar, an MBA student at International School of Business and Research, who was diagnosed with dengue last month recalls how she was only given paracetamol and asked to drink lots of water because her platelet count remained unaffected.
Dr. Sathish Ramana, a general physician said that the patients were being given symptomatic treatment, for example, paracetamol is given to bring down the fever, and pain killers are prescribed for severe headache and body ache.

Papaya leaves are being made into capsules by a couple of companies said Dr. Preeti Shankar. She also said that these capsules were aimed at increasing the platelet count of the patients; however these capsules are not very reliable since they are still being developed.
The dengue virus generally suppresses the bone marrow which causes a dip in the platelet count. The new dengue virus does not affect the bone marrow thus the platelet count does not come down.
Two other symptoms noted among dengue patients this year was vomiting and diarrhoea, says Dr. Preeti Shankar.

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