Goods vehicle unloading in peak hours on Avenue road

Goods Vehicles block Avenue Road at peak hours

By Abhishek

Bangalore, Sept 12, 2017: Goods vehicles block Avenue Road creating jams and making it difficult for shoppers to walk. This is despite the fact that these vehicles are not allowed on the road between 11 am and 8 pm.

Venugopal, a frequent visitor to Avenue road said that nowadays it is difficult to walk on this road as congestion and traffic have increased due to these goods vehicle.

Avenue Road is best known for trades in clothes, jewellery and books.

“Goods vehicles have odd timing and they also keep on coming in the peak hours thus create heavy traffic”, said shopkeeper Raghunath who sells sports equipment.

Sajjan Singh who runs Kesarala Enterprise, a wholesale dealer in garments said that his customers find it difficult to walk and shop on Avenue Road. He said he is fed up with the situation but has no other option because owners of these goods vehicles and the police don’t listen.

B.Linganna owner of Chethan Cargo Carrier who delivers goods on Avenue Roads said that they are not allowed to deliver goods in mornings and have no timing to deliver the goods and so they come in peak hours.

Police constable , Mirza Nayeem Akhtar agreed that this is a problem.

Traffic police officer Nijagunna at Chickpet police station stated that by the law goods vehicles are prohibited on the Avenue road. Assistant Sub Inspector Somesh sekhar stated that they only allow goods vehicle to load and unload for five to ten minutes.

Anirban Choudhury, an urban planner said that goods vehicles should be allowed only during specified timings—either early in morning or after 8 pm. If the authority is not able to stop this then they should shift the whole market place, he said.



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