An old lady struggles to walk up the first platform of Baiyapanahalli station

No Ramp for Handicapped in Baiyappanahalli Railway Station

By Anirudh Chakravarthy

September 14th 2017, Bangalore: There’s no ramp for the handicapped in the first platform of Baiyappanahalli railway station. Handicapped people coming down from the metro, which is above the station and linked through stairs,also face a problem.

“There’s a problem in Baiyappanahalli railway station for the handicapped people to get down the first platform,” said P.Sitaram, President of the Spinal Cord Association and Secretary of the Paralympic Lawn Tennis Association in Karnataka.

The station master of the Baiyappanahalli station, MS Ravi said that the present situation had persisted for a long time.

“I want this issue to be resolved. I have seen and talked to handicapped people having problems while getting down the stairs. For years, I have seen the problem persist,” he said.

He claimed that he had asked the Railway Protection Board officials to recommend fixing the problem, but they weren’t responsive. The commuters in Baiyappanahalli expressed their disapproval, too.
“There shouldn’t be such neglect by the government,” said Y.Shankar, a college student.

“There are disabled people who come here from time to time. There needs to be a ramp in the first platform,” said Priya Supriya, a girl working in a kiosk in the metro.

Y.Prabhu, a member of the DRUCC (Divisional Railway User’s Consultative Committee) said that he would raise the issue in next month’s board meeting.
“I am going to raise the issue in next month’s DRUCC meeting. We’ll make arrangements to fix the issue,” he said.


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