Garbage dumped inside KR Market

Bio-gas plant at KR Market shut over non-payment of salaries

By Sromona Bhattacharyya

Bangalore, 14th September:The bio-methanation (bio-gas) plant at Krishna Rajendra(KR) Market which is supposed to process five tonnes of segregated wet waste a day and has been shut for the last eight months over non-payment of salaries by the BBMP.

An official at Ashoka Biogreen Pvt. Ltd, the company that manages the bio-plant at KR Market said “BBMP gives us Rs.64, 583 per month for operation maintenance with which we have to maintain the generator, the staff salary etc.” After the the agreement ended in January 2017, they have stopped operations. He said they were awaiting to hear from the BBMP on this matter.

The bio-gas plant worked on the model of waste to energy where in, the energy produced from the plant was used to light up at least a 100 lightbulbs in the market area.
KR Market has its permanent source of energy and while the plant was functioning, it would light up the bulbs said Mr. Anand, Executive Engineer Electrical at BBMP.
The plant was set up in 2014 by Ashoka Biogreen Pvt Ltd under a three year agreement.
However, after the completion of the contract and non-payment of salary by the BBMP, the company.

Fazal Ahamed, AEE at KR Market said the BBMP is looking into setting up a meeting with the company soon along with the Joint Commissioner of SWM.

Malini Parmar, member of SWMRT said that there are better ways to manage wet waste than how the BBMP at KR Market is handling.  Garbage is a Rs. 900 crore opportunity for the government, she said, adding that “KR Market produces about 20 tonnes of garbage a day.”


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