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An Autorikshaw Driver making a difference


By Gazal Malik
Bangalore: 16th March, 2017

Son of a telephone lineman, T. Raja ran away from home and lived on Bangalore streets for two years. He slept on the street near garbage bins that constantly pined around him day and night.
One fine day, he decided to start working to support his basic needs. He started to drive an auto rickshaw and later he bought a taxi. Throughout this phase of his life, he struggled a lot, which sparked zeal in him to help and T. Raja has dedicated his life to dying and destitute people on the streets of Bangalore.



New Art Mission ‘Home of Homes’

The new art mission started in 1997 by T. Raja. The mission is dedicated to helping the destitute and dying people on the streets. 

His wife and three children also supported him on this decision. T. Raja helps those who are rejected by their families and living the most inhuman lives. When he came across such people, he brings them to ‘Home of Hope.'

All he could do is was to pick them from the street in his auto and bring them to his home.  With help of others, he bathes and shaves them and cleans up their wounds. People would then be dressed afresh and fed.

This ‘New Art Mission” in the year 1997 was started in a 5’6 feet passage. The New Art Mission of India has remarkably dedicated to rescuing the dying people from the streets. Since then, the Home of Hope is where the future of the homeless lies. Raja started this work out of compassion for his fellow human beings and that’s the only investment he has with him.

In 1998, India Campus Crusade for Christ donated a half acre land to New Art Mission of India. Today, 3,300 sq ft building is accommodating more than 170 residents. This home is run entirely on voluntary donations. Many residents are in the last stage of their life and peacefully leave the world.









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