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The key features of the Karnataka Budget 2017

Image credits- Asianet news

By- Mansi Bhasin

Bangalore: 16th March, 2017

The Chief Minister of Karnataka announced the 12th budget on 15th march, 2017worth rupees 1.86 lakh crores. This year’s allocation is approximately 14% more than the previous year.
From lowering movie tickets prices, abolishing VAT on alcohol, introducing Namma canteen, providing free laptops and new schemes for farmers, this year’s announcement has made pleased people from all sections of the society.
This has been a gaze of fresh air after the Demonetisation fiasco and people finally have something to cheer up. This announcement has done good for Siddaramaiah as the assembly elections are in line.

The key features of the budget are:

  1. Agriculture- New schemes to help farmers in irrigation, seeds, etc. A total of 2052 crores to be dedicated to improve agriculture.
  2. Water resources- A total of 3000 crores to be allocated for policies throughout the year.
  3. Primary, secondary and higher education- new colleges to be opened, better food in the mid-day meal programs and distribution of 1.5 lakh laptops to college students.
  4. Health and family welfare-  Nine new schemes to be adopted this year to provide good and free diagnosis centers, drinking water facilities etc. Also, steps to be taken to construct new hospitals in villages.
  5. Housing- 7 lakh houses to be constructed under the scheme, 6 lakh houses in rural areas and 1 lakh houses in Bangalore, among other policies.
  6. A new skill development mission is launched with a budget of 200 crores, training more than 5 lakh people.
  7. Culture- Movie theatres to screen one Kannada movie everyday between 1:30 and 7 pm. Also, ticket prices capped at rupees 200 per ticket. Construction of new auditoriums and study centers also to take place.
  8. Youth empowerment and sports- assistance of rupees 1 lakh each to 1000 deserving sports persons and more than 6 new sports academies, and sport science centers to be established. Money would be also allocated to improve facilities.
  9. Food and civil supplies- The government would supply food grains to women centers, blind schools, old-age homes etc.
  10. Transport- Under the  Bengaluru Metro Rail Project Phase-2A, an additional new line (17 kms length) from Silk Board to K.R.Puram junction, to be funded through innovative financing. Project to be initiated at a cost of Rs.4200 crores. Suburban railway projects to be undertaken with a cost of 345 crores.
  11. Taxes- Tax exemption on paddy, rice, wheat, pulses, flour and coconut. Vat to be removed from liquor too. GST to come to effect on 1st July 2017.

source: http://www.finance.kar.nic.in/Bud2017/BHeng2017-18.pdf









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