Curious case of role reversal; residents takes BBMP’s charge

Residents of Nagarthpet Lane takes the responsibilty of restoring their lane upon themselves after months of non-response from the BBMP or the BWSSB.

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The entrace to Nagarthpet Lane which was earlier dug up
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The ongoing construction work of the lane
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The lane that was dug up by the BWSSB one year ago
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The recently finished work of the lane


Bangalore, October 17, 2017:Following a lack of response from the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB), residents of Makalappa Lane, Nagarthpet took the responsibility of fixing their lane upon themselves.

Amit Patiyat, a resident of the lane said, “The BWSSB had dug up the lane for laying pipelines for sanitation work, however, after the completion of the job, they didn’t bother to restore the lane. It was left just like that for a year.”
Dissatisfied with the BWSSB’s work, residents of the lane brought the matter to the Palike’s attention by lodging complaints online and via calls.

“A few of us lodged numerous complaints over a period of one year through calls, Sahaaya App and even Twitter. The complaints lodged through the app had been closed without even resolving the issue at hand,” added Patiyat.
Another resident, Praveen Sanghvi said, “The senior citizens faced problems while walking on the lane and our children couldn’t play as well. Fed up with the BBMP’s negligence, some of us decided to do the restoration work ourselves.”
Avinash, who works as a labourer for Woollen Textiles, said, “I have to carry heavy materials from the shop to the godown. Due to the uneven lane, five months ago, I slipped and fell.”

The fall resulted in a fracture for which he had to spend Rs. 3000 and had to take a leave of 15 days, he added.
Another shopkeeper in the lane, Munishwara Chari, said, business has also suffered due to this. The customers look at the condition of the lane and refuse to enter.

He claims to have lost about 10 per cent business citing the condition of the lane as the reason.
Indresh Kumar, Assistant Executive Engineer of BWSSB said, if any road has been dug up by the BWSSB for their own purpose, it is their responsibility to restore the road not the BBMP’s.
He further said that tender regarding for the improvement of Avenue Road circle area is going to be issued soon once the proposal is accepted by the head office.

However, Manjunath, a BWSSB contractor said that the BWSSB is supposed to only lay the gravel and soil dust after a road is dug up. Laying concrete is the BBMP’s job.

I think there was some confusion and since this narrow lane is a dead end, it was neglected by both parties, he added.
Ahead of Deepawali, the residents contacted a private contractor to restore the lane using metal rods and cement. The entire job that took two days to finish, cost Rs. 1, 25,000 approximately which is to be divided amongst 10 families, said Praveen Sanghvi.

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