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Have you felt the magic yet?


If you happen to be near Viveknagar on a Thursday morning, do not get surprised by seeing hundreds of people rushing towards the infant Jesus church there.
The usually calm place is Jam-packed with people to an extent that you do not get a place to stand. There are people from all religions, sitting, praying and thanking Infant Jesus for his miracles.
Mrs. Sagayamary, a regular visitor and the oldest teacher in a school nearby, says the stories of the church are so far-fetched that the Church is referred to as “The Miraculous Infant Jesus Church”.

First Look

You are both shocked and surprised; by the number of people who actually turn up every Thursday and their devotion. If there is no space in the church benches, you will find people sitting on the floor. Many of these people are frequent visitors to the church. Some of them have already witnessed the miracle in their lives; some come to make their wishes come true.

The Story

The Thursday morning prayer service at Infant Jesus Church, Bangalore

In 1971, there were 13700 parishioners and they were finding it difficult to get to the church as they lived in far flung areas. After lots of efforts, a plot was finalized and the foundation stone was laid on 18th April, 1971. At that time, it was a small place and a tent would cover the altar while the devotees were left in the open. Later, old tents were arranged for the congregation as well.  It was also called as the "tent Church", as it was started with a tent. As devotees increased gradually, a new and a larger structure was constructed on 20th January, 1979.

Why Thursdays?

All of us would have this question about why Thursdays are so important for the church, What is the thing that happens especially on Thursdays?
The story goes back to the first prayers of the church in 1972. It was on 24th of February, a Thursday. When this devotion started, very few people used to gather each Thursday morning for Novena Prayers and the Holy mass. As years rolled by, word spread about the miracles of the church and the number of devotees in the Thursday service increased.
Today, the church is more than full with hopeful devotees.
Fr. Balaiah started nine Novena masses every Thursday in 1979, which is carried on even today.


The Balyeshu Vidyalaya English Primary School is situated just behind the church. The Church provides free meals to the students of the school daily and also helps the underprivileged students with their fees.


You go on a Thursday morning and ask around about the miracle, and everyone has a story to tell. The church has various testimonies of people who happily share their stories where they believe Infant Jesus solved their problem.
Saritha, a young student said she has prayed for good marks in her exams and she says her wish came true due to her prayers in the church.
R. Sundaram's son had become blind due to Firecrackers during a Deepavali. He prayed for his son in the church and his son can see now.
A cancer patient was cured of his disease after praying in the church on Thursdays. From getting a job to a child, people say Jesus has fulfilled all their prayers.


Surely, the miracles in this church are so famous and unusual, that a Tamil movie has been inspired by its stories. "Kuzhandhai yesu", which means Baby Jesus, released in 1984. The story revolves around a childless Hindu couple who were blessed with a child after visiting the Infant Jesus Church in Bangalore.
Apart from this, you will find several ads, usually in Thursday newspapers, which are the devotees of the church. These are the messages from the people thanking the Infant Jesus and the Church for making a miracle happen in their lives.












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