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Stunt Riding in India

It’s a sport not a crime!


Stunt riding is a well-known sport across the world. Major events like Stunt Riding World Championship, European Championship, Stunt Riding German Open are held annually acknowledge the talent and hard work of the stunt riders across the world.

It’s just like any other sport, which demands immense hard work and skill. But most people especially in India relate it with hooliganism and consider the sport brutish.


Stunt riders around the globe are getting fame and money for their time and effort but Indian stunt riders are devoid of such luxuries because of our society and system’s take on the sport. Our government still doesn’t consider it as a sport and stunt riders are often harassed by the police. There is no infrastructure available in our country to help these individuals grow in the field.


Chris Pfieffer, the world’s most successful stunt rider who won the World Championship four times started at the age of 10. He won 300 trophies by the time he was 20. Not only he did he earn big money from such sporting events but also from performing in stunt shows across the planet. He has been to India performing for RedBull a number of times as well.


He retired last year and the reign has been taken by Jorian Ponomareff now a French stunt rider who is just 29.

Even these stunt riders have difficulty with the police as stunt riding on public roads is illegal everywhere in the world. Driving schools and racing schools readily provide private places to practice in western countries, which is not available in India.

Team a2b

Team Addicted 2 Bikes is Chandigarh’s best stunt riding teams. All the stunt riders are professionals who go to their daily office jobs and practice stunt riding early mornings or at weekends.

 Rahul Malhotra founded the group in 2009 to promote biking culture in the area. Earlier they used to indulge in drag racing as well but then the city police cracked down on them and they forced to shut it down.

Rahul Malhotra said “ We don’t have large enough private land to practice the sport so we have to find new secluded places every other week because the cops harass us and ask for money to keep our bikes. Even the locals get violent because they don’t understand the sport and think we are just creating ruckus.”  “We would also be like to be acknowledge for our skill and compete in stunt riding championships worldwide.” said Garuav another team member.

Ghost Ryderz

Ghost Ryderz is the India’s most famous group stunt riders with more than 7 lakh followers on facebook.
It was founded in 2007 and has acquired sponsorships from famous international brands like Motul, K&N, ICON motorsports over the period of 10 years. Indian brand line bajaj Pulsar also endorses the group and provide motorbikes to them.

The group is based in Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala and has around 30 members now. Mikhil Mohan, owner of the team and the main performer, says, “It’s a very tough career. The main hurdles are high operating expenses, non-availability of proper practice spots in crowded cities and the negative attitude of certain sections of the society towards stunt riding and stunt riders. In India stunt riding as a sport is still in its infancy and a lot of athletes are not sponsored, making the monetary benefits rather meager. Thankfully, our team has five sponsors and so we get paid well for our performances because of the fact that we’ve managed to keep our team at the top for the past five years.

Moreover, we also do stunts for advertisements, movies and music albums. But we still don’t take a lot back home as we invest quite a bit back into promoting the sport and the team.”

Even though the stunting scenario in the country has improved over the years it still has to go a long way before the stunt riders of our country start getting the credit they deserve.
Some of the officials have started acknowledging the sport as teams have been doing shows to promote the sport, but still most of the people in our country don’t understand the sport and need to be educated.









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