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Shivesh Bhatia: Creating symphonies for dessert lovers

Image Credits: Shivesh Bhatia/facebook


Today, blogging has become a trend to showcase opinions, talents and seek people with similar interests.

This is the story of Delhi-based-baker, Shivesh Bhatia, a 20-year-old political science student from Hindu College.

Shivesh, the self-made baker, started his journey into baking when he was 16, with a batch of Betty Crocker’s vanilla cupcakes with his cousins. Though he burnt a couple of them back  then, his keen skill of baking and love towards the whole process has now helped him achieve around 80k followers on Instagram. 

Soon after his little incident with the vanilla cupcakes, Shivesh started posting photos and experiment with new desserts on Instagram. The love from his fans and viewers further encouraged him into writing his own blog, “bakewithshivesh”. His mother and grandmother are his main source of inspiration, recalls Shivesh.



In his final year of college, Shivesh plans to go to a culinary school after his graduation, to get professional training. In 5 years, Shivesh aspires to see himself in his own venture as a ‘pastry chef’.

Though idolizing several patisserie chefs from India like Pooja Dhingra and Sanjana Patel, Shivesh keenly mentions his encounter on twitter with Martha Stewart as his ultimate fandom moment. Recently, Shivesh received the “Outlook Social Media Award” for 2016. He recalls his awestruck moment, sharing the stage with icons such as Amitabh Bachchan and Saina Nehwal.

“Time management is the key, I balance my time schedule according to the priorities for exams and blogging. I don't usually take much time for baking.” adds Shivesh.
With over 200 preparations made, Shivesh names Classic Eclairs with pastry cream as one of his favorites 2016 desserts.


Bombay being one of his main working hubs other than his habitat in Delhi, Shivesh has also done a workshop in Guwahati recently.

With several preparations of éclairs, donuts trifle and tarts, he aspires to bring in the western culture into the country. Most People in India know what a ‘rasmalai’ or ‘gulab jamun’ is, but they still don’t know what a good ‘éclair’ or a ‘truffle’ is.”
He also tries a lot of experimentation, merging the health concerns into his desserts. Some of his healthy alternatives are - citrus galette, flourless orange cake and chocolate pear loaf cake.
In conversation about working into other culinary forms of cooking, Shivesh says he will focus more on baking as it seems to be his forte for now.

“Baking is something that I taught myself to be good at, so for now I am focusing more on the baking part, than other culinary works. But, I am keen to learn them as I get an opportunity”.

Talking about the orthodox methodology in the country of terming ‘cookery’ as something to be done by women in their own kitchen, Shivesh says the current conditions have changed.

Emerging new talents from both the sides have now made a break-through into owning several self-ventures such as cafes and restaurants and taking the whole art to a new level.










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