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The plight of women in Bangalore


By Darshan Baid

Bangalore, 19th January 2017

On the eve of the New Year, a few men in the crowd of one hundred thousand people, assaulted women. It is shocking that all this happened in the presence of over 1500 policemen stationed for protection and crowd control. Though the number, by ratio, is miniscule, it highlights the attitude of men in a city known for its technical and social advancements.

A woman was groped in Kammanahalli on 1st of January. The woman was severely injured while resisting. The CCTV footage of the woman getting molested went viral on the social media platforms and received criticism worldwide. This makes us question the safety of women in the city.
Well, the main concern here is that are women really safe in this city?People residing here for ages also criticized the recent past incidents and bluntly said that it all happened because of the large population of migrants in the city, who destroyed the culture of the city. It is very prominent to see that Bengaluru which was once considered for its liberal thoughts and philosophy is now considered as one of the worst city for women safety.

With the rate of rape being 26.7% (according to NCRB data) India still has miles to walk to ensure women security. According to NCRB data, 12,705 cases of crime against women were lodged in Karnataka and rate of crime against women was 41.6%.

People speak

Dr. Shanthi Tummala, who works with an NGO which works for environment said that Bengaluru is not safe and secure in recent past. She said," Every girl child should be ready to face adversity because it is really hard to stop these activities.Self defense should be taught in schools in order to get rid of such problems and teach kids how to treat each other.”

Aruna Divakar, who is president of Kritagyata Trust which works for the well-being of under privileged children said,"When a person is drunk, he/she will forget about the civic ethics or the social ethics. If there was a limitation in their alcohol consumption, a person would have known what he is doing, but when it goes beyond that there is no question of thinking what is happening right or wrong.”

Image Source:Facebook/Vishakha Kochar

Vishakha Kochar, who used work in Ernst and Young, India in Bengaluru said," I have lived in Indiranagar for 2 years and traveled alone late at nights, sand was always afraid because there was no proper measure taken by the government for women safety".

Summarizing the story, if government doesn't want the scenario to repeat itself again in future, it should take proper measures to stop crime against women and should start focusing on safety and security of women.







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