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IVF - a solution for Indian parents

Image Credits: Leo Reegan

Mahima Paul
Bangalore, January19th

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) has become the preferred choice for childless couples in India. As estimated by ICMR, 1 out of every 4 couples is facing the problem of infertility in India, i.e. more than 30,000 couples are the part of IVF cycle in a year. Maximum couples who reported the problem are in the age group 37 and above.

Daljinder Kaur, 79, has become world’s oldest woman after she delivered a child with the help of IVF treatment for 2 years. Her child, Baby ‘Amman’ is now a healthy baby.

India’s first IVF product baby Harsha Chavda is also the success of IVF in 1986. The report shows there are 55.8% chances of women aged 37 to conceive with the help of IVF.

Is being without a child is really a problem?

Mamta (name changed), 36, who works as a primary teacher in Green Apple says, “It’s been 10 years since my marriage but we don’t have a child. My in-laws think I am the reason behind this but I have taken all fertility tests that show that I can have my own baby. My husband and I decided to adopt a child from the orphans’ house but my mother-in-law is kind of orthodox about it. Later, we went to this clinic in Indiranagar and met the infertility consultant, for now, we are under IVF treatment.”

She said that she had been through a lot of emotional trauma in past 6 years; just because she was not able to give birth to a child. Comments from others made her feel victimised. She avoided attending social events and even went in was in depression for a year.

This is not the first case where a woman is a victim of the cultural belief in Indian society. Dr. Harita Rao who is a MBBS and an infertility expert thinks it is not only women, but even men are equally responsible for the stigma. “Society blames women more than men because of unawareness. But I believe in the coming 10 years, this perception will change. Now even men are coming forward and accepting that there can be a problem from their side too,” she said.
She added that IVF will be a good alternative as even infertility is on the rise

.“What use to happen was approximately one among 10 couples or among 20 couples used to come for infertility treatment, a few decades back it was one among 100.  It was not so common and it always a surprise for people. But now in India 1 among 4 is the ratio of infertility, the ratio is 50:50 among men and women.”









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