City photographers lose out to selfies

Commerical photographers near Vidhana Soudha are losing business due to camera phones.

Photographer outside Vidhan Soudha are losing business.

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: Commercial photographers near Vidhana Soudha hoping to make some money from people wanting to take photos in front of Bangalorer’s most famous landmark are in a bind because of the advance in mobile technology.

Chandra Shekhar, a photographer who works at Vidhana Soudha expressed his sorrow saying that his income has come down from Rs.1500 to Rs. 350 per day because nowadays everyone has a mobile phone with a camera and they all tend to click selfies.

“We get a maximum of ten customers daily and these are the people who come from rural Karnataka; sometimes, we get a few foreigners. Youth of Bangalore hardly show any interest in getting their pictures taken by us,” said, Lokesh, another photographer.

Raju Gowda, a 26 year old youth working in Bangalore, said that he doesn’t need photography services to pay Rs. 30- Rs. 40 per photo when he has a mobile phone to take a selfie.

Earlier there used to be 45-50 photographers clicking pictures and earning good money but now only 17 people are left and they are in distress. “We hope that government gives some attention to us and solves our problem,” said Anand, a photographer.

Shashidhar B.F, state president for Karnataka photography, said that the only solution for this situation is for the photographers to come up with innovative photography methods. He added that if the government comes up with a solution, they are most welcome to implement it.


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