Rajeev Shetty, eatery owner thrashed by ACP, wants justice

The complaint lodged by the victim Rajeev Shetty.

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: Rajeev Shetty, the owner of Shetty Lunch Home, wants justice for being allegedly beaten by cops inside his restaurant, on November 9. He said that the police had beaten him for keeping his eatery open till late night. He filed a complaint at the RT Nagar Police Station last Sunday.
“It is completely unjustified. I have filed a complaint at the RT Nagar Police Station. The issue is being investigated by a department headed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police- Chetan Singh Rathore, of the North Division. I want justice.”

Apparently, the jurisdictional ACP- Manjunath Babu of JC Nagar sub-division, had halted his jeep in front of the restaurant at around 11.15 pm, and barged in with his assistants.

Rajeev Shetty said, “They asked who the owner was, and I introduced myself. They started beating me right away. The ACP stated that the restaurant was not supposed to stay open till that late at night, but I have been doing  business for long and I know it very well that I am authorized to serve food around 11 at night.”

There is no law that bars the restaurants from operating past 11 p.m. In fact the law states that restaurants can stay open till 1 a.m. A father of two, Shetty showed his swollen hands and his injured fingers and stated that the ACP had beaten him mercilessly without any reason at all.

The entire incident was recorded on the CCTV of the restaurant. Shetty claimed that one can view the footage and conclude how inhuman it had been. “I have seen the CCTV footage. I am done with the report. Most probably, I will submit it by today. After that, action will be taken on the basis of the senior officer’s decision,” said Chetan Singh Rathore, DCP, North Division.


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