No space to park

The newly-introduced women’s parking system is caving under pressure

Reserved parking space for women at Brigade Road

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: Parking slots allotted to women at Brigade Road and Commercial Street in the city are not being used by them.

“Even after 10 slots being reserved for women, I cannot find the space to park here. In fact, I see men parking here who are accompanied by women,” says Sakshi who had to park far away from her destination as she couldn’t find space in women’s parking.

Due to poor security and lack of awareness.

Out of 85, 10 pay and park slots are allotted for women by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). The main motive behind this initiative was to provide easy access of parking to women so that they do not have to park their vehicles far away.
However, men were seen parking at these slots saying women have driven their cars. The same set of security guards are responsible for handing out parking tickets as well as keeping a vigil on the women’s parking, which makes their job difficult.

“At night when the parking is full because of the pubs and bars in this street, drunken men forcefully park in the women’s slot. Once, when I prevented them from doing so, they started beating me up,” says Shahbuddin, security guard.

The security guards find it difficult to control men who park in the reserved section as they are not aware about the new developments. “We often see men parking their vehicles in these slots from our store,” says Najid, store Manager of Bata.
“The development of the buildings in this area should be monitored and controlled. Based on these findings, the parking should be facilitated. As parking is anyway a big issue in Brigade Road, classification of parking space based on gender makes it more complicated. Parking issue is caused because of the increase in the number of vehicles.” says Abhinav, Urban Planner.

The BBMP officer, Somashekar, said, “The security responsible for ‘pay and park’ belong to private companies. So, they need to tighten the security to prevent such cases. Also, the Traffic Police on duty near the parking area needs to check this.”

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