KSPCB steps up pre-emitive measures to curb Air Pollution

The pollution in Bangalore can be brought down from the alarming levels by taking proactive measuresto mitigate the causes that contribute to air pollution.

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: After the pollution crisis in Delhi, the Karnataka State Pollution Control (KSPCB) board has stepped up its proactive measures to avoid a similar situation in Bangalore. The Air Quality Index (AQI) in the city was reportedly higher than the standard value. The Official data for the annual average value of air pollutants at 16 locations in Bangalore, from the board shows that the amount of particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) in 50 per cent out of the monitored areas has exceeded the national standard limits.

Sector wise contributors to PM10 levels.

Mr. G.V. Ranga Rao (IFS), the Member Supervisor at the KSPCB ,said that the situation was under control.
" The major amount of air pollution is coming from vehicular emission/ movement and construction activities. We are keeping the track of all the changes in the air quality index. Also, we are aiming at taking proactive measures to prevent the situation of pollution. The pollution control board has set up a set of standards for the industries as well so as to check the industrial waste disposal,“ he said.
The official data from Central Pollution Control Board indicates that the areas most affected by the increase in the PM10 levels are SG Halli and CRS area.

Figure 1: O3, CO and PM levels in Peenya and BTM Layout areas in Bangalore

"The pollution is rapidly growing in the area and it is difficult to breathe during the peak hours. The amount of traffic is increasing due to more number of vehicles on the road,” a resident in the BTM layout area said.

The implementation of Air Quality Improvement Plan is one of the key steps towards pollution control. The construction activities also contribute largely to the air quality degradation.
A set of rules has been planned for checking the construction procedures and the effective measures are yet to be taken. "We are taking these proactive measures for controlling the air pollution.

The implementation of such plan is something that can change the atmospheric condition. The pollution is not a point of concern in Bangalore because of the elevation from the sea level. But in order to keep the situation under control, the precautionary measures can surely help,” Dr. B. Nagappa, the Senior Scientific officer at KSPCB said.

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