Small fire breaks out in Vivek Nagar

Fire fighters suspect burning cigarette butt as the cause of the fire at Vivek Nagar in Ejipura

Ritika Gondhalekar

Soumendu Mukherjee, Inspector General of Police and Additional Director General

Bangalore, November 20, 2017:A small fire broke out in Vivek Nagar near Ejipura today around 11:45 AM. A heap of garbage in an open ground caught fire. No casualties were reported and the fire was put out in 45 minutes. Authorities suspect the reason for the fire breaking out was a lit cigarette butt thrown into the garbage.

Soumendu Mukherjee, Inspector General of Police and Additional Director General,said until citizens are not educated about unsafe daily habits, for instance, not safely disposing of lit cigarette butts, the problem of fire cannot be solved.

The Bangalore Fire Control Room has also added that it is possible that someone could have burned the garbage. This is the third time this year that such a case has been reported. The first instance was in KR Market in January and the second near Deepanjali Nagar slum, said Naagraj, Senior Inspector at HSR layout.

Malini Parmar, member of the Solid Waste Management Round Table, said that garbage burning is very common in our country. That is actually one the biggest causes of fire. They feel that burning garbage is much easier than dumping and processing them and thus they do it.


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