Bit of a relief, bit of a tension!

As direct payment gives relief to the pourakarmikas, unlinked bank accounts still become a barrier for some.

Rani Amma(right) is happy with the new payment system.

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: : Even though the government’s latest decision to pay the pourakarmikas brings relief for many, yet nearly 30 per cent of the pourakarmikas do not have any bank accounts.

“Out of approximately 18,000 pourakarmikas in the city, nearly 4,500 either do not have a bank account or their bank accounts are not linked with their Aadhar cards,” said Sarfaraz Khan, Joint Commissioner of Solid Waste Management and Health.
On the one hand, Rani Amma, a pourakarmika in Jaynagar said, “We are very happy that finally we will get our payment directly by the BBMP. We were really fed up of our contractor as he never paid us on time and also the amount that we used to get was always less than what we ideally should have got.”

On the other, Durga is a bit tense as she still has to link her bank account to her Aadhar card. The pourakarmikas who do not have bank accounts mainly include recently-recruited employees .H. Anjaneya, the Welfare Minister for Karnataka said that all the pourakarmikas will be helped to solve the problems related to their bank accounts. “They might get their salary a bit late. But once all the procedures are completed, they will immediately get their salaries,” he added.

Muthyallapa, the Union head of BBMP Guttigey Pourakarmika Sangha said, “We all are really happy by this news. Yes there are a few workers that have issues with the bank accounts. Our next target is to make the BBMP pay the decided amount of Rs.14, 000 to all the pourakarmikas, which is still not implemented completely.”

Last year from the month of August, the pourakarmikas were promised a sum of Rs.14, 000 as their salary which is still not in practice in all parts of  Bangalore. The salary slips of a few pourakarmikas in Jaynagar still show that they have been given a salary ranging from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000. This step taken by the BBMP to abolish the contract system has put the contractors in trouble as the payment is now in the hands of the BBMP.

 Ravi, a contractor from Jayanagar said, “This decision of BBMP has taken away our bread and butter. I know there are many contractors who do corruption, but that doesn’t mean that all are corrupt. I am really disappointed with this decision and now I have to find something again at the age of 47 to run my livelihood.”


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