Bannerghatta Butterfly Park acquires Southern Bird Wing

The Karnataka State butterfly which was just a visitor can now be seen year long.

By Saiqua Sultan

The larva of the bird will take another 20 days to hatch

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: Bannerghatta Butterfly Park(BBP) has a new occupant-the Southern Bird Wing-which was declared the state butterfly in May this year due to its distinctive red and yellow stripes that matches the state flag.

“We were looking forward to acquiring the butterfly. It is a visitor to the park but now we have got a larva. People can see the butterfly after 20 days when it hatches,” said senior entomologist Lokanath V.

The Southern Bird Wing is endemic to peninsular India and is the largest butterfly in the country with a wing span of 140-190mm.

“We are always in contact with other national parks and wildlife sanctuaries—locally and internationally for acquisition talks. It is an exchange of animals and birds; if the male animal dies, then we ask for a female or send the female to the other park and request for their babies,” said R Gokul (IFS), the newly appointed Director of BBP.

The Park has seen a jump in the number of butterflies this year which has risen to 2500. This has been made possible due to the controlled temperature and humidity conditions maintained in the park, which nestles under a dome-shaped glass ceiling.
“The moment the butterfly emerges and we determine its sex, we will start working on getting the pupa of the opposite sex and then we will be able to breed the Bird Wing,” said Lokanath V.

Karnataka became the second state to name a state butterfly after Maharashtra which declared the Blue Mormon as its state butterfly


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