Lalbagh Botanical Garden filled with litter

Visitors having a tough time walking around the garden.

Garbage bin left open from rear end.

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: Irregular maintenance of garbage bins at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden has resulted in scattered litter all around the area.
Inside the Lalbagh garden, the garbage bins are left open from behind, which is leading to garbage leaking out of the bins.

 “From past 20-25 days there has been no garbage clearance by the authority that usually gets it done by cleaners who are on contract basis,” Swati, who sells short eats from past one year, said, “It’s been quite a while since they cleared garbage when we (vendors) went and complained to the officials they said it is none of their (vendors) concerns. So we didn’t complain again about this,” Ratnamma, selling popcorn and chips inside the garden, said.

Garbage is found in and around the dustbins. The garbage that is around the dustbin, gets blown away by the wind and that results in further scatter of garbage.  “Since the garbage bins are all ready full and there is no space for more garbage in the bins, we are forced to leave it around the bin with the hope that they will clear it because even the walking tracks are littered with something or the other,” Shivam, a visitor, said.

Plastic waste left unattended at Lalbagh Botanical Garden.

A patch of land which is 50m away from the Horticulture Office, in the garden has become a dumping ground in spite of having dustbins around. The waste from here is meant to be dumped in a larger bin which later gets cleared.
Instead, all the garbage was found around the bin and nothing inside it.

M R Chandrashekhar, Deputy Director of Horticulture, said that at present, there are fewer garbage collectors as they work on rotational basis and at this point of time, they did not have enough labourers to clear all the bins around the garden but will soon get enough labourers to clear all the garbage and make the garden cleaner.

“The authorities have to keep a track of their labourers who work on rotational basis to avoid such unaffordable situations. As it is there is a lot of garbage around the city and Lalbagh Botanical Garden should not become one such part,” Kshitij, an environmentalist said.



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