Winter Surprise for city music lovers: India’s first musical museum

Indian Musical Experience to inaugurate India’s first music museum late December in Bangalore.

Swarnali Chakraborty

Sound garden at Indian Musical Experience

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: Bangaloreans will have the country’s first musical museum before the end of this year.
The museum will be a digitalised one and will have interactive touch-based interfaces.
 “This is a museum which is very different from any other museum, its first of its kind in India, and it’s totally digital based interactive museum. It’s an experience. People will come here to just experience music. .. We have a folk section with various works of art from folk artists. Which is followed by freedom of music, in this gallery we will show the music which was influenced by the freedom movement. And finally we have a gallery about history of recording and the legends of music”, said Aditi Gudi, administration head of the Indian Musical Experience, who have set up the museum.
The museum has acquired instruments from villages across India, especially from rural Karnataka. Artists like Ranjini Gayatri and Chitraveena Ravikiran have collaborated with IME on this project.

Kanak Shankar, a music professor at Lakshmipat Singhania Academy (Kolkata), said that a music museum has to be different in the sense that it has to stimulate the audience.
 “The museum is set up because you want to mainstream that which is lost. One, where discussions can be held and in the other one can hold performances. Unless and until you have performing areas, there is no point in having a musical museum where you keep instruments and then huge descriptions in front of them...There are many instruments which are lost and nobody knows about it, the museum should bring these instruments and try to make it a part of popular culture”, he added.
Rajeswary Ganguly, a scholar doing who is doing his research on Kirtan, said that music museums often portray what is already there. The actual forms that need to be revived are not shown in these museums because these museums are more worried about getting funds and selling tickets and sometimes because of that they show what they think the audience will like and not what actually needs a platform.

Kirti Gulgulia, a class 11 student who is also a music enthusiast said that she would love to go to a museum that is dedicated to music. “It is sad that we don’t have a musical museum yet because India is very rich in culture especially music and dance”, she added.


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