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Karnataka ranks third in cyber crimes nationally

Source: http://lawfarm.in

By Leo Reegan
Bangalore, Oct 18, 2016:
Karnataka shows steep rise in cyber crimes with 41.9% and is followed by only the state of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra in India in the year 2014 and 2015, report says according to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). 

There is a huge increase in cyber crimes cases in Karnataka compared to 2014 data. The number of cases reported under cyber crime in 2014 was 1020 and in 2015 it increased to 1447.

A recent report by NCRB says Karnataka tops third in cyber crimes in India,
1447 cases registered, 41.9% rise in the past two years.

Cyber criminals are turning out to be more modern and they are focusing on customers and also violating public and private institutions. People are getting conned. They are losing money in frauds related to cyber crimes. India is high on digital frauds, because it has large number of youth population and internet users.

Vijay, a resident of Jayanagar, who is a victim of Cyber Crime said “I got a call few days back saying that I won an Amazon gift card worth rupees 5000, and to avail it I had to give my credit card number as I mostly shop using my credit card on Amazon, so I gave my credit card number and now my credit card bill is showing 60,000 due.”

Vishal Adithya (31) a call centre employee in Bangalore said” There are so many unorganized professionally trained fraudsters who talks in a very persuasive manner and can lure anyone into the trap”. Hackers also accomplices these fraudsters helping them breaking the credit card encryption.

“There is need to adopt a strict law by the cyber space authority to regulate criminal activities relating to cyber and to provide better administration of justice to the victim. It is very much necessary to regulate cyber crimes and most importantly cyber law should be made stricter in the case of cyber terrorism and hackers”. L. Chandrasekhar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bangalore.





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