Gollahalli School lacks in Computer education

Golahalli secondary school, Kumbalgudu

Bangalore, September 20: The only secondary school in Kumbalgudu that qualifies for mandatory computer aided education under the ICT scheme does not have computers.
There are only five government schools in the Kumbalgudu area. Of these, the Gollahalli Government secondary school qualifies at Phase III.

Geetha G T, headmistress of the school said, “The school was supposed to get the computers by 2011 but all we have is one PC which is used by the faculty to show presentations and other activities. I’m trying to educate students on how to use computers that’s why I’m approaching Gram Panchayat.”

Under the ICT scheme, 2633 computers have been installed around rural areas of Bangalore till now.

Educomp Solutions has tied up with the Karnataka State Government to provide computer aided education to government schools. According to the Educomp website, “The project has already been completed with 50 high schools of Karnataka in five years and has been extended up to 88 more schools in Karnataka for three years under the 11th Finance Commission.”

Akash Sharma, Manager, Educomp said Government is giving everything and has plans and funds it is the duty of the district or local body to ensure that the local source get the education there and it is difficult to monitor everything as they don’t have manpower.”

Sandhya, in charge of the education department’s Bangalore rural district said “ICT III School had some government problem due to which they were not able to provide the computers. The tender has been applied twice but it is fallen to the government and that’s why we couldn’t get the computers for ICT III phase schools. But for now they are preparing for new phase and have listed 21 schools under which will be receiving computers.”

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