City sees a rise in cyber crime

CCRB data

Bangalore, 21 September: The Cyber Crime Cell of Bangalore registered 1348 cases this year, till the end of August. Central Crime Record Bureau (CCRB) statistics show the number stood at 762 for the whole of last year.

Cyber-crime cases encompass fake online job offers; debit/credit card fraud, fraudulent online transfers, impersonation and identity theft among others.

The CCRB said that one of the reasons for the sharp rise is the ransom-wares that attacked the world this year.

Ransom-ware software, once executed, encrypts the entire contents of a personal computer and demands ransom for the decryption key. The Wanna Cry ransom ware that attacked computers running on Microsoft Windows operating system across the world in May of this year affected 48,000 computers in India according to a report published in

Cyber crime cases against women stood at 42 out of the total 1348 by August end. These cases range from harassment via e-mails, cyber pornography, cyber stalking to defamation among others. Out of the 762 cases registered last year, 47 were related to crimes against women.
There were no cases of cyber bullying against children but an official at CCRB said parents are now more vigilant than before especially due to the blue whale challenge.

India and the world have seen a rise in deaths related to the Blue Whale Challenge. Parents are keeping more tabs on the internet activities of their children.

“Children are increasingly getting influenced by social media. Parents should keep a strict vigil on the usage and accessibility of smart phones by their children,” said Mrs. Anita Shivkumar Kumar, a counselor at Makkala SahayaVani.

Cyber criminals are punished under Information Technology Act, 2000 passed by the Indian parliament on October 17.

The Cyber Police Bangalore website warns the citizenry of the following:

  • Fake online job offers
  • Offers in sms/email form
  • Fraud on debit/credit card
  • Fraudulent online fund transfer
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