BU tourist guide course put on hold

Bangalore palace-Picture Courtesy: Antara Kumar

Bangalore, September 21,2017: The second batch of the Bangalore University’s course for tourist guides has been put on hold.

“As of now we do not have permission to conduct the second batch of tourist guides because of the differences between KSTDC and ASI,” said Mahesh Kumar, assistance professor of tourism studies (commerce department) at Central College campus, Bangalore University.

He said that for a tour guide to have an ASI license, the requirement is very high and complex. The guide should have background in tourism /hospitality, archaeology and a fluency in foreign languages.

The first batch for the course was held in December 2015 and 16 out of 33 students passed the examination and got the tourist guide license from KSTDC.

Anand Joshi a licensed tour guide from KSTDC states that he cannot work on the ASI site with the license and its affecting his business. “I can go to the local sites, but I cannot approach the ASI sites,” he said.

Vinod, administrator at KSTDC said that ASI is not allowing tour guides with KSTDC license to work and provide service in the ASI sites. Vidya, an officer at the  ASI  department Bangalore confirmed that tour guides with the state license cannot operate on ASI sites.

“We will soon have a meeting with ministry of tourism and ASI to find some common grounds and reach on a settlement before we start the second batch of tour guides,” said Vinod.

ASI conducts archaeological research and is involved in the protection of cultural heritage of the nation. ASI also maintains ancient monuments and other archaeological site.

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