Rains hit Bannerghatta National Park’s coffers

The incessant rains this year caused a slump in revenue and footfalls at the Bannerghatta National Park.

The park saw less footfalls this festive season due to rains

Bangalore, November 21, 2017: The Bannerghatta National Park saw a 20 per cent drop in revenue compared to last year in the month of October.

The heavy rains that lashed the city in the second half of October inundated the low lying areas of the zoo including the safari areas. However, no heavy damage was caused to the Park property.

“The people of Bangalore themselves were living under stressful conditions. Their own houses were flooded, how can we then expect them to visit a park for an outing? But, yes, there has been a slow-down in the number of visitors,” said R Gokul (IFS) the newly-appointed Director of the park.

The Park also saw a 16 per cent dip in visitor count for the month of October compared to last year.
The Park usually sees a spike in visitor count during the October-November festive season, but the rains played spoilsport this time around.

“This is due to natural causes. Nobody can predict it, nobody can stop it. The Park is one of a kind in the state as it’s a self-sustaining organization that employs and remunerates more than 500 employees. It is okay, the business will pick up soon,” added R Gokul.

Santosh Kumar, the previous director of the Park had hinted at shutting down the Park for a few days if the number of visitors didn’t pick up. However, the Park remained open for the few who braved the rains for a visit.

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