Stress-Related Health Problems Raise in High Court Lawyers as Petitions Pile Up

 High Court lawyers undergoing stress

Anirudh Chakravarthy SLN

A busy day at court

Bangalore, November 21, 2017: Stress among the lawyers has gone up in the Karnataka High Court says High Court health dispensary.

Angan Duraiswamy, a cardiologist at the High Court’s health dispensary, said,, " In the past few years, young lawyers from the age group of 35-45 are afflicted by diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, non-specific and atypical chest pain. These conditions have gone up by a margin of 20 per cent. Bp and Sugar cases have spiked by 24 per cent."
"These lawyers have an active revenue earning lifestyle. As the cases are raising, they aren't objecting to taking up more of them. This puts pressure on them, resulting in these kinds of diseases," says Dr.Mahindra, the general physician in the high court.

T.Bommantappa, a high court lawyer undergoing treatment for stress-related body pains says that the increasing cases are affecting him and that he sees these sorts of psychosomatic symptoms in his colleagues as well. "The whole fraternity is feeling the pressure. We're undergoing severe stress that's leading to diseases," he added

Another reason cited for the diseases is the choice of habits. Mr.Duraiswamy says, "In my experience of treating them, I can certainly say that lawyers drink and smoke a lot as a release of stress. This further spoils their health."

LN.Lokesh, another high court lawyer says, "Because there're many cases pending these days, an average professional lawyer who earns decently takes up 15-20 cases per week or maybe 5-6 per day. So many things are whirling in an advocate's mind that it becomes overwhelming. That's why, you see these diseases increasing."


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