Smelly toilets affect health and business

Stench from toilets near Kalasipalya bus stop is affecting business of snack-shops.

A passerby walking by the toilet

Bangalore, November 21, 2017: The reek from the toilets close to KR Market’s Kalasipalya bus stop is harming business of the snack-vendors near it. People are not staying to buy snacks to avoid the stench from the toilets opposite the bus stop. The smell is so bad that the people who pass by the place cover their noses until they reach a distance.

Pramod Kumar, a bajji-vendor, said, “Compared to the other bajji shops in this area, I am losing business of about Rs. 2,000 to 3,000 per month. It’s a big amount for somebody like me,” he said.

K.Deepa, a tea shop owner, said that the smell has been costing her Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 4,000 per month. She lamented that she had trouble paying her bills.

S.Krishnan, a Manchurian-vendor, claims to have lost Rs. 10 to 15,000 in the past six to seven months’ time. B.Venkatesh, D.Kalyan, P.Ravi and other vendors have similar stories of financial loss to tell.

“It’s not just a financial problem to the vendors. It’s also a health hazard. The waste water from inside the toilet comes out and flows onto the pavement. People walk by the place and are exposed to polluted air that can cause diseases,” said P.Vivek, another passer-by.

“When water flows out of the toilets and flows on the pavements, it could cause diseases” said, Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Arogya Health Clinic

The vendors said that they  fall ill some times. “It’s due to the horrible environment that these toilets create. We live so close by to it because this is where we make our living,” M.Kiran said, a vendor.   

BT.Bogi, a TC what is this? Full form?, said, “Many complaints have been filed, but the officials do not respond. Officers who pass by this place ignore our appeals to fix the toilets. We have even written letters and called up the officials, but they are oblivious to this.”

V. Srinu, a resident, said that the toilets used to be better a year or two ago. “However, they started smelling worse due to workers' neglect and now the place stinks,” he exclaimed.

“It’s the absolute negligence of officials that has led to this situation. They should be brought to account,” said M.Verendra, another passer-by who had to reluctantly relieve himself in these toilets.

D Usha, the Assistant Revenue Officer of KR Market said, “The engineering and health departments should maintain the toilets. They should do their duty properly.”

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