New shows thrill visitors at Planetarium

New technology brings alive the galaxy to viewers

Antara Kumar

Inside the Science Park at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Bangalore, November 21, 2017: The sky-theatre has undergone major renovations, and an immersive field has been introduced to provide viewers with a 360-degree 3D experience of different galaxies in the universe.

Brinda, a science-teacher at a kindergarten school said, “Students enjoyed the show a lot. I have been here before with the students, to watch the show, but this time it was an amazing experience.”

The amazing experience is also a reason for science scholars thronging to the planetarium. A student was found discussing the merits of the newly installed machineries in the renovated sky-theatre, with another fellow student.

The immersive field is a technology that projects the galaxy through the use of a digital projector, a visitor at the planetarium explained to the school students. He added that the technology enables the projector to display a realistic portrayal of the night-sky.

Nirupam Roy,Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics at IISc, stated that the conventional projector system in the planetarium, uses optomechanical technology, which does not follow a digitalized and computer-handled mechanism. He added that the conventional system is not flexible, in the sense that it does not let the viewer experience a complete realistic view of the galaxy.

He further said that new inventions and technologies like the immersive field are an amazing way to explore the universe through visuals projected in the dome-shaped screen.
The new instalment is something that the children are enjoying to the fullest. Sashikala, a student of class IX, said that she was overwhelmed with the experience in the sky-theatre. “It is a delight to experience the galaxy come alive in front of your eyes,” she said.

A science teacher in the Chinamaya School said, “I have been here before, but my earlier experience is nowhere as good compared to my present one. The sky-viewing center has been renovated wonderfully, and the kids can learn a lot from the show.”

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