Bangalore’s young are tensed and restless

Hypertension rises among the young due to the hectic lifestyle.

Hyper Tension cases noted, Victoria Hospital

Bangalore, November 21, 2017: Hypertension cases among the younger generation in the city in government as well as in the private hospitals are on the rise.

Dr. Sam Jacob, MBBS, MD says, “There has been 50 per cent increase since 2005 and it is because earlier only after the age of 60 people suffered high blood pressure but now it happens at a very young age. Ninety per cent of the cases we get have essential hypertension which is because of obesity, stress level, no physical movement. And 30 to 40 per cent of the people who get heart attack have hypertension.”

"Alcoholism, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle play a huge role in increasing hypertension among the young generation. People in the age group of 25 to 30 years are getting hypertension due to stressful workplace environment," said Dr. K G Praksh, Head of medicine deppartment in Victoria Hospital.


Besides the younger generation, the older is suffering too. Over 125 hypertension patients have been admitted in the Victoria Government hospital since January 2017.

“Only 50 per cent of the people who have hypertension are diagnosed and out of them only 25 per cent take medication for it. Other 50 per cent don’t even know they have hypertension. There are chances that 20 to 25 per cent of hypertension population will get heart attacks in the next 10 years,”says Dr Sam Jacob, MBBS, MD.

Reports by the Global Burden of Disease(GBD), say 16.4 lakh deaths occur every year in India due to Hypertension.
over consumption of junk food and salt are other reasons for a rise in hypertension cases.

For the past14 years, 140-149mm hg was high Blood Pressure, but now it has changed to 130 to 139mm hg, according to the recent guidelines issued by American College of Cardiology.


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