Padmavati Controversy: Deepika Padukone’s Nandidurga House under surveillance

The state government has provided round-the-clock security to Deepika Padukone’s parents’ home in the city

An external view of Padukone's Nandi Durga Road residence

Bangalore, November 21, 2017:Padmavati actress Deepika Padukone’s Bangalore house has been put under police surveillance as fringe groups threaten her life.

C Girish Naik, Police Inspector at the JC Nagar Police under whose jurisdiction the house falls, said that they have provided round-the-clock security detail to the 20-floor apartment building. He also added that as of now, only two personnel are being provided and it will be increased once the actress comes to town.

G Chandrasekhar, one of the policemen posted at the house said that they have been deployed there since last evening and are currently working in two shifts. He also said that they have been provided with a rifle and a walkie talkie as equipment from the police station.

However, not many people, like the owner of the Baskin Robbin’s, on the same the road know that the Padukones live in the building.
Govindaiah, the private security guard of the building , said that the building is currently undergoing renovation  and security personell have been frisking anyonewho enters the building. He also said that the Padukones do not avail any security when they go out of the house.

Mr. Naik said that if the family asks for additional security detail when they go out, it will be provided to them. He also said the Padukones were not keen on getting police posted at their house but it was completely the state’s initiative.

Vijender Singh of Shri Rajput Karni Sena, who is one of the parties accused of threatening the actress, said that they do not believe in creating a ruckus outside a women’s house. He added that the threats will stop when the film gets banned as it disrespects Rani Padmavati and her legacy. He also said that he has confidence that his organization won’t let the film be released.

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