Basavanna Bagewadi ration shops plagued by problems

A number of irregularities including problems in the Aadhar-based POS machines have affected the public distribution system in Basavanna Bagewadi Taluk

A ration shop in Managuli village where there has been an issue of underweight rice sacks supply

Bangalore, November 21, 2017: People in Basavana Bagewadi have had to run from pillar to post to get rations thanks to Several irregularities in all 135 ration shops across the taluk.

There is no data official data available on the number of POS machines installed in the taluk. However, problems in the Aadhar-based POS system, which requires the card holder’s fingerprint scan in order to issue the ration slip,  are rampant, especially malfunction and connectivity issues.

Mantayya Nandikol, an employee at a ration shop in Managuli said that the POS machines are located at some distance from the ration stores as internet connectivity is not good at the shop.

Raju B, a local resident said that the villagers need to go the POS machine on the other side of the village, get their slips issued and come back to get their quota at the shop.He added that a number of rice sacks that are brought from the Food Corporation of India’s godown in Bijapur are often below the stipulated 50 kgs.

Asif Momin, a resident of Kudgi said that the ration shop in his village, after getting supply from Bijapur, runs out even before half the village can get their quota of ration. Villagers at Yarnal also complained that their ration shop’s POS machine faces problem recognizing fingerprint which has led to a number of people not getting their ration.

The problem with POS machines extends further in villages like Kollar.A number of villagers said that the shop owner has been charging an extra Rs 10 from each ration card holder for issuing the ration slips after biometric verification. The owner refused to comment on the extra charge.

However, a local journalist SK Nidagundi, who is the editor of a local newspaper SK Times, said that the extra charge is justifiable as the owners need to pay its employees.

Subhashini, the manager at the office of the Commissioner ofFood, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department in Bangalore said that there was a complaint filed with the department about an extra charge for ration slip incident at a ration shop recently.

She also added that there is another alternate technique called IVRS mobile confirmation to back up the POS system. However, due to lack of publicity, many people are ignorant about it and therefore, they miss their quota of ration. She refrained from commenting on the underweight ration supply issue.

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