M.Chinnaswamy stadium to get a new scoreboard

Chinnaswamy stadium adds another installation

The stadium earlier used to hire scoreboard for matches from outside

Bangalore, November 21, 2017: The M.Chinnaswamy stadium, which has been making many changes in the recent past, is set to have a new addition to its premises, a scoreboard.

The stadium, which can host a crowd of 32,000, rented scoreboards for matches earlier. But now, it will have a scoreboard of its own.

Mr. Sudhakar Rao, Secretary at KSCA said the scoreboard will be procured, and it will be used in the stadium premises by February 2018.

This will be another addition to the facilities available in the stadium. Just over a month ago, work on the 40-year old pitch of M.Chinnaswamy began, which is scheduled to finish before the start of Indian Premier League 2018.

Early this year, the Chinnaswamy stadium became the first cricket stadium in the world to adopt sub-air drainage system, which improved the outfield and reduced the chances of matches being washed out due to rain. The stadium was also the first to install solar panels in 2015. Mr Rao also spoke about the possibility of improving the northern stand in the near future.


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