Nurses at NIMHANS call off protest

A group of nurses who went on a protest on Monday over a lack of staff.


Bangalore, November 21, 2017:The protest by nurses of NIMHANS was called off today. The  primary demand of the nurses was to hire more staff. The demand was agreed on by the committee and they promised to hire 196 more nurses for the Operation Theatre and other services.

 There was a shortage of nurses in several wards of the hospital.

Ranjeet, who is a staff nurse and a part of the protest said, "We are protesting here to put our demands in front of the authorities. Since the past 2 years we have been asking for additional staff and nobody paid attention to it. We went on a protest yesterday to get our demands met.”

Also he mentioned, "We want a circular mentioning that unless new staff is hired the OT will remain closed. The authorities assured us that it will be done. But we then received a memo saying that we should go back to work."

The committee set up for the resolution agreed to the demands of the nurses today, and gave the green signal for the hiring of additional staff.
 A report published by The New Indian Express said that out of the 848 posts out of the 1, 278 are lying vacant.
Medical superintendent Dr. V. Bhadrinarayan from NIMHANS said, “We have already made a request to the Government of India to provide us with more staff, they have agreed to recruit around 300 staff persons and we are waiting for the orders to come. We will start the recruitment process once the order comes.”

The staff nurses said that lack of staff makes work difficult for them.

Umesh a staff nurse said, “They are opening a new Out Patient Department (OPD) without requisite staff members. We already have 7 OPD's and we sent a letter to the HOD surgery department about our concerns expecting a reply within 24 hours. We are angry and agitated and that is why we are protesting."

”Some of the acute cases need 1:1 attention but in general one staff member can handle four patients. We had already sent this proposal two years ago,” added Bhadrinarayan.

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