Parking space crunch hits businesses outside metro stations

A total lack of BMRCL-designated parking spots at several metro stations leave nearby shopkeepers high and dry.

Parking of two wheeler on the service road outside Vijaynagar metro station bulit under the Basava Vasati Yojane

Bangalore, November 21, 2017: Shopkeepers around various metro stations on the western end of the Purple Line have been losing business due to a parking space crunch.

Stations in Vijayanagar, Deepanjali Nagar, Attiguppe and Hosahallimetro do not have paid parking lots designated by the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL). Metro commuters have been parking on the service road, residential by-lanes and the main road.

Nataraj, owner of a stationery shop in Vijayanagar’s MC Layout, said “My business has reduced by 25 per cent due to parking issues. These IT (Information Technology) people park their vehicles early in the morning outside my shop and come late in the evening which leaves no space for customers to park. BMRCL should give official parking (sic).” He added that this problem emerged since the Vijayanagar metro station went operational a year ago.

Sudhakar, owner of Sri Nanjudeshwara Enterprises in Vijayanagar said, “The sales are down by 50 per cent. It has been a constant struggle since the metro construction began five years ago. At least one vehicle gets stolen every day as there is no security for the parked vehicles. My bike has been towed away by the traffic police multiple times now. But, where do I park?”

He said he had expected his business to increase twofold because of the metro, but it has in fact decreased. He pointed out that fights break out frequently as the parked vehicles are packed together. It’s hard to pull your vehicle out without bumping the adjacent ones.

Om Prakash, owner of R.K. Helmet in Deepanjali Nagar, said “I am planning to move my shop because of the slump in business. Two-wheelers parked on either end of the main road block traffic and leave no room for my own vehicle.” The part of the road that can be used for vehicular traffic has shrunk.”

Rohan Egbert, a metro commuter who parks his bike daily outside the Attiguppe metro station, said “I have to park it either on the service road or on one of these residential by-lanes. There is no choice. Metro saves two hours of commuting.”

On the other hand, the parking situation outside Magadi Road and Mysore Road metro stations is organized since they have BMRCL-designated parking lots.

Dilip Kumar, Customer Assistant Officer at BMRCL, said, “We don’t have space to float tenders for parking at Vijayanagar metro station. People will have to continue to park on the service road. But we will float tenders for Hosahalli metro station in the next 15 days because there is space and demand in the area.”

Manish Joshi, an urban planner based in Bangalore, explained “Underground and multi-level parking system is a possible solution, otherwise integration of public bike sharing system for last mile connectivity. Government of Karnataka has recently passed a project for public bike sharing system.”
BMRCL had introduced the pay-and-park system for 12 metro stations in 2016 including Hosahalli and Mysuru Road metro stations.


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