Veterinary hospitals in Shiggaon run understaffed

As the veterinary hospitals in Shiggaon taluk are running understaffed, there’s neglect in treatment of animals.

Khillari Bulls in Bankapur

Bangalore, November 22, 2017: Veterinary hospitals in Shiggaon taluk’s Shiggaon and Bankarpur villages are understaffed. Consequently, there is delay in diagnosis.Diseases  which could be prevented if detected  early  are  left unchecked until the situation  worsens.

Foot and Mouth disease (FM) is one of the viral diseases that is  causing maximum harm. It is an ailment that affects cattle, goat and sheep. Anand Palekar, Assistant Director of the Veterinary hospital, said the treatment delivers a financial blow to the farmer.

Three months ago, Basavaraj Bommai, the BJP MLA in charge of the constituency, had  assured him that the vacancies would be filled.
CB. Alavandi, Veterinary Inspector, said that they would go ahead with recruitment and soon the vacant posts will be filled. 

However, the other two officers in Bankapur's veterinary hospital – the second and only veterinary hospital in Shiggaon Taluk – M.Arun and P.Mahesh, said that the vacant posts will remain unoccupied due to lack of qualified people for the jobs.
C.Chandrasekhar, a farmer said, “It has become difficult to get treatment here. This hospital is always busy. People take their cattle and pets to Haveri to get treatment as the queue is shorter there.”
“I have written letters of complaint several times over the past two  years but I am yet to receive a response,” Anand claimed.
“Having a veterinary hospital here should be convenient for us, but it’s not. We are not getting proper treatment for our cattle and pets. Going out of this taluk seems to be the best option as they provide  better treatment  in other places,” said N.Appana, a farmer.

This seems to be what most farmers are doing since the number of cattle brought for treatment has gone down to 600 per month from seven hundred to eight hundred per month in the two hospitals combined say the statistics of he Veterinary hospital.

As per the rules, there must be one  officer for every five to six thousand animals in Shiggaon taluk; currently, there is one officer per every 45000 animals.


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