Vendors in 8th Cross Market see downturn

GST and the ongoing market reconstruction in Malleshwaram is harming vendors’ business

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A flower vendor at the 8th cross market.
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Fruit shops in the market.
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Flower shops in the market.
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A vegetable vendor at the 8th cross market.
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The 8th cross market at night.


Bangalore, November 22, 2017: Ongoing construction work coupled with  GST on commodities in the 8th cross market at Malleshwaram are posing as obstacles in business for vendors.

Madhvi- a vendor what does she sell? in the market, said, “The market has been demolished and is being reconstructed.  People used to purchase vegetables and flowers in large scale. But lately, my business has gone down. Earlier, a lot of people used to come to purchase stuff but now, the number of customers has decreased.”

Chenappa- a vegetable vendor in 8th cross, said, “We are suffering loss because of the market construction as well. Due to the original market being demolished, we shifted to the street which is BBMP's property. Until we shift to the reconstructed market, we have to keep paying a rent of Rs. 150 per month.”

But construction is not the only issue that makes business difficult for the vendor.Chenappaadded,   that due to the implementation of GSTour business has gone down. Rate of vegetables went through a price hike and that has led to difficulties in business.”

But there has not been a major change. Lakshmamma, a flower seller in 8th cross, stated, “Business has gone down. Cost of flowers has been increased. I am having to sell two-days-old flowers, since the number of customers is less. Hopefully the sale will increase after performance of rituals for Kartik Masa.”

 Photography and food-walk events were organized to spread awareness about the heritage of Malleshwaram, and the participants strolled through the 8th cross market.

It posed as a good opportunity for the vendors to enhance their sale- as the participants bought the commodities. “Upon the posts being uploaded on social media, the word is spread and the vendors get the profit when they are showcased,” stated Suman Saurabh Mohanty, local photographer and host of the food-walk.

He added that the vendors were cheerful and an interaction took place between them and the participants of the food-walk. The vendors hope that the situation will improve and profits will increase once as soon as they get back to the reconstructed market.

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