DTE's YouTube channels get lukewarm response

A screenshot of DTE's YouTube channel.

Bangalore, November 22, 2017: Classroom lectures uploaded by Karnataka’s Department of Technical Education get a lukewarm response.

The state’s Department of Technical Education (DTE) had started a youtube channel called DTE Studio to upload classroom lectures held at government-run technical colleges across cities in the state such as Bangalore, Bagalkot, among others.

Despite being in existence for four months, the channel has failed to gain traction. With 109 lectures already up, the channel has an average of a little over a hundred views per video.

In addition to that, the classroom lectures don’t have any form of an index or a time table to find what you’re looking for. Mahesh Kumbhar, a subscriber to the DTE Studio suggested that the channel needs to put up a video with the schedule of lectures for better organization.

“Colleges in urban areas like Bangalore have plenty of lecturers compared to rural areas. Rural colleges have few lecturers and  kids often lose out on what they should’ve learnt. We have started this program to make sure even students in small towns have access to the same lectures as the ones in cities,” Director of DTE, H U Talwar had said at the launch of theof studio.

Students in rural areas could benefit from the channel as shortage of teaching staff is a pertinent  problem—if the DTE revamps the way the videos are produced to gain more traction. Kodandaramu B, Principal of CPC Polytechnic, said they are short of five lecturers in the commercial practice stream.

Strength of materials, C programming, and industrial management are some of the areas up on the channel. The lectures are streamed live on Google Hangouts and then uploaded on the Youtube channel.


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