RO plants in Basavana Bagewadi lie unused

A number of RO water filtration plants installed to prevent fluorosis in villages across Basavanna Bagewadi  remain non- operational.

The non-functional RO filter at Yarnal village.

Bangalore, November 22, 2017: A number of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration plants in Basavanna Bagewadi taluk remain non-functional and people continue to suffer from fluorosis.

Sajid, a resident of Nandyal village said that they do not have proper access to drinking water in their village. Consequently, they are forced to   go to the Yarnal village to get  filtered water as the local groundwater water causes them many health problems. He added that there is a RO plant in the village that has been under construction since  the past two years and it shows  no signs of completion.

The region has a history of fluorosis. To solve this issue  along with the aim to provide clean drinking water, the government launched the Shuddha Neeru project to install RO water filtration units across the state. As of today, around 7000 plants have been sanctioned all across the state.

Basavanna Bagewadi has only 111 sanctioned plants spread across most of its major villages. However, the official data states that only 103 have been completed and eight  are yet to implemented. BA Kazi,a resident of Yarnal village, said that even though there are two units in the village only one remains operational. He also pointed out that a lot of water is wasted. People pay Rs. 2 for 10 litres of water.

Ananda L Lambani, a Panchayat Jawan of the Almatti Panchayat Office, said that the unit was installed recently and the villagers do not use it often as the unit remains locked and non-operational  on most days.
Rudramani, Programmer at the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency, said the project is being implemented by 71 different public and private agencies including Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Limited (KRIDL), Eureka Forbes, GP Fund.

He further added that  although he has got no information about the issue in theBasavanna Bagewadi taluk but said that technical glitches and operational difficulties have been seen in similar situations  in other regions.


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