Sagara farmers return machines

They say they can’t use the agricultural implements being provided to them.

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Workers at the Kodigehalli Underpass site
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Workers at Ulsoor do not use safety despite of receiving them
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The Majestic underpass workers' are yet to receive gloves or gumboots;there are no safety ropes or nets at the site either
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Men working at the Church Street facelift project
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Workers at the Church Street stormwater drain construction site


Sagar, November 22, 2017: Farmers in Sagar taluk in Shimoga have been returning agricultural machines such as tillers and reapers to the Agriculture department. They are not sure if the machines are of any use.

The government of Karnataka in association with the agriculture department provided new machines to the farmers which help in increasing production of crops. These machines were distributed under a scheme called Krishibhagya schemes. This scheme aimed at improving and increasing cultivation across the district and the state. Now, every taluk receives its services, including the Malnad regions. 

Many famers buy these machines for the subsidy provided to them but aren’t absolutely certain if these machines work said Vinay, chief Agriculture officer, Sagara. 

The cost of these machines is Rs 48,000. Suma, an agriculture officer stated that many farmers have paid for this but these machines are not helping them. “We have requested the government officials to show a demo of how to use the machines and that if it still doesn’t work then repay the money to the farmers.”

The government has provided 90 per cent subsidy for all the farmer who use sprinklers and modern farming mechanisation to improve cultivation but, the nature of the soil is different in Sagara region and hence these machines aren’t in favour of the farmers. Manjunath, a farmer said, “These are bogus machines. Malnad soil is much deeper so when ploughing they start wearing off and break.” He claimed that the government is cheating them with these new schemes. 

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