BBMP’s Rs. 100 fine on thermocol dumping is not enough say environmentalists.

Thermocol lying on the side of the road in Bangalore

Bangalore, November 22, 2017: Thermocol has lately become a reason for drain clogging because of which Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike(BBMP) took up the measure of fining people with Rs. 100.

Thermocol had clogged meshes of the drains in the city during the heavy rainfall that happened in the city few months ago. Rs 100 fine on dumping of thermocol does not seem to have an impact so BBMP has decided to increase the fine. Dr. M S Lokesh, Chief Health Officer, BBMP, said “Irrespective of the fine amount, to keep the dumping in check we have been conducting random raids at big ware houses and other dealers who still use prohibited items like plastic and thermocol.”

V. Guruswamy, a wholesaler in Chickpet, said “It is difficult to find an alternative for thermocol as a packing material. If the government is encouraging the recycling of thermocol, there should be more facilities to help recycle thermocol because we cannot even dump in huge dumping spots.”

Since dumping of thermocol is banned, recycling of thermocol is more likely the better way out.

Kshitij, an environmentalist said, “Recycling of thermocol in today’s scenario is very rare. There are two options to dump thermocol either dump in soil or burn  it, which results in carcinogen fumes. But since most of the industries use thermocol as packaging the BBMP needs to figure this out.”

Ulhas Anand, an environmentalist said, “Recycling of thermocol is what should be done not fining. The BBMP must come up with alternative measures than burning of thermocol.”


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